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XtremeWatch™ - New Fashion Skeleton Style Leader Band Wrist Watch

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"I've owned it for about two days, and it's been nothing but great. Be sure to follow the instructions for winding, or it will not function. I love the moving pieces inside of it as well as the audible, yet quiet ticks. I'm surprised I received this much quality from an inexpensive watch. Low price and yet it is extremely beautiful and feels like it has been built to last. This is by far my favorite watch right now and I'm glad I picked it up."
- Dolores J. Wilcoxen
Jackson, MS

Grab your Discounted XTREMEWATCH™ - NEW FASHION SKELETON STYLE LEADER BAND WRIST WATCH while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 2500 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $39.95 USD.

Order now because these are FLYING off shelves! Limit 2 per customer!


Are you tired of the same old boring and plain wristwatches that folks are wearing nowadays?

Are you looking for something new, out of the ordinary, and still fully functional?

If so, you might be interested in the XtremeWatch, a brand new luxury wristwatch that is truly a sight to see.

After taking just one glance you can immediately see the incredible attention to detail on the interior and face of the watch.

The intricate design is cut to absolute perfection. Once you receive your package and tear it out the package you’ll instantly notice the extraordinary precision in this vintage watch.

The crocodile skin embossed premium leather band also adds an element of sophistication and class, which is always a nice touch.

And if 4 different colors to choose from, you have more than enough options to choose your favorite and start rocking it ASAP.

This Quartz wristwatch is extremely efficient and reliable, making it one of the most versatile watches that yo7u can get today.

And if that wasn’t great enough, the XtremeWatch is also completely waterproof so you’re more than welcome to take a quick dip in the pool or Jacuzzi and still remain stylish and fashionable.

Once you receive your order, you’ll notice these:

  • A premium quality Quartz wristwatch made entirely out of an incredibly durable stainless steal and genuine leather that are guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

  • The waterproof exterior allows you to even take a dip in the pool or jacuzzi without having to worry about any wristwatch malfunctioning. With this, you are safe 24/7.

  • Whether you're looking for glamorous & luxurious watch to wear to a ball or you simply crave something casual to wear to brunch, this one of the most versatile wristwatches on the market today.



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