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Tactical Survival Hammock – Water, Tear, and Bug Resistant!

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"I am a cub scout leader and enjoy camping. Every time I bring my hammocks on a trip they are an instant hit. It's easy to see why. They are light, portable, comfortable, and functional. If you are not familiar with survival hammocks there are a ton of resources online. Sure you could find somewhere to just rig this up but there is a bit more to it. From proper hanging, to the way you lay. It's not hard to figure out. The tree hanging straps are amazing. They are easy to use, and not only will it make your hammock experience easier they will save the trees. Many parks prohibit hanging anything from trees because of irresponsible individuals damaging trees by hanging things from them usually using rope that damages the tree. The hanging straps protect the tree and are easier and much more responsible. I slept in this over the weekend and was glad to be mosquito free."

- Chris Bennett
Austin, Texas

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Order now because these are FLYING off shelves! Limit 2 per customer!


Are You A Frequent Camper?

Do you always find yourself planning your next “outdoors” activity?

If you do, you might just be what we call an “outdoorsman.”

And since you love the sweet outdoors and just can’t seem to get enough of that clean fresh air, you need to be sure you always have to essential survival equipment at all times.

This tactical parachute hammock is a multi-functional tool that is consistently praised and honored by the camping community, and for good reason…

That means that during your very next hike you will be able to run all around those forests without every having to think or worry about that heavy hammock or tent slowing down your progress.

And once you find a comfy place to set up camp, you can get your hammock assembled in no time at all.

Isn’t that great?!

Before a trip, you probably ask yourself: Is it raining out? Are there swarms of mosquitos buzzing around you?

But, who cares? It doesn’t matter to you. Not anymore, anyways...

You can simply jump into your hammock and watch as the heavy rain water slides over that high-quality polyester material, keeping you dry, warm, and comfortable all day long.

Oh yea, you’ll also never have to worry about those pesky little mosquitoes getting through to you either.

Once you order your survival hammock you can guarantee yourself some safe, dry, and bug-free nights every single time you decide to go out camping.

Once you receive your Survival Hammock, you’ll notice these

Super Compact & Easy to Carry – Whether you love hiking, backpacking, or camping, this hammock will always be incredibly easy to travel with. Once you fold it together and place it inside its little baggie you won't even notice you've got it with you. Until of course you open it up and reap the outstanding the rewards this amazing hammock can provide you.

  • 100% Safe & Tear Resistant – You'll notice the construction is made up of a tightly woven fabric that is super strong and provides you with extreme levels of durability. The hammock itself will never rip or tear, so you can sleep well knowing you are 100% safe at all hours of the night.
  • Impeccable Mosquito Protection Unlike the typical camping hammock that leaves you open to all kinds of bugs and mosquitos, this hammock provides you with the proper defence mechanisms. The built in net keeps the fresh flowing in, while keeping those pesky mosquitoes out!
  • Dual Use – You can switch between a normal, everyday hammock and the tactical survival hammock whenever you please. Maybe hang out in the regular hammock in the morning, only to flip it inside out and enclose yourself in the more secure, tactical version at night time. The choice is yours!



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