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SpyPen™ - Full HD Mini Pocket Pen Camera Recorder!

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"Received this as a gag gift from a friend but I'm surprised to see that this thing actually works extremely well. I've been playing around with it for some time now and I can't get over the crystal clear footage and the outstanding audio quality. It is definitely a small and compact device, but I'm shocked at how well this thing records video and takes photos. I like to keep it in my shirt pocket throughout the day, but you can really attach this to virtually everything without anyone getting suspicious. Overall, I truly feel that if you're looking for some sort of spy gear, this is certainly something to consider."
- Joseph J. Barker
New Tripoli, PA

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Instantly acquire the safety and security you need with this one fantastic device! Specifically designed to be completely concealable and 100% useful, this is definitely something everyone should get their hands on.

Allow us to introduce you to The Spy Pen, a brand new device that allows you to record high-quality video and audio directly from a decoy pen. That's right, shaped like a regular pen top, you can use this to capture crucial and important evidence whenever necessary.

All you have to do is stick it into any pocket. Once inserted, The Spy Pen looks like every ordinary pen that just happens to be resting nicely in your pocket. However, what bystanders won't know is you have a premium quality device that is recording their every move.

Equipped with an incredibly powerful battery that lasts up to 7.5 hours, you can easily use this to capture anything you like without ever thinking twice about battery life.

Sleek, compact, and extremely lightweight, this utterly convenient gadget is also simple to operate. Just like a normal pen, this has the button directly on the top. Simply push that to begin recording and sit back and relax as you get all you need.

Guaranteed to capture 1080p HD footage each time you use it, it's easy to see why this has become such a fan favorite.

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Once you receive your SpyPen, you’ll notice these

  • A remarkable device that allows you to secretely record HD video and audio without anyone ever noticing. 100% concealable, the Spy Pen truly lives up to its name.

  • Thanks to its super efficient internal battery, one quick charge gives you up to 7.5 hours of time to capture crucial evidence any time you like!

  • Capable of holding a micro SD card of 32-gigabytes, you have more than enough memory to get the job done right.

  • Made out of extremely lightweight but durable plastic, your Spy Pen is guaranteed to withstand repeated everyday use without ever showing a bit of wear!

Customer Reviews

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This product is awesome! Exactly as described

This product is awesome! Exactly as described. I was skeptical when I purchased thinking that I couldn't get good quality video and photo from something so small. I thought "there's no way that this pen is going to pass as an actual pen and not be outed immediately as a spy camera but it works so well and no one can tell it is not just a regular pen. Perfect! The folks at fab-quality are wonderful! A great company to do business with. Great customer support!

and it was pretty clear and loud

The instruction booklet wasn't translated too well, but it wasn't hard to figure out via trial and error. I didn't actually know this pen had audio, and it was pretty clear and loud, very happy with that aspect. The operation is a little weird (with the light signals) but simple and easy to remember. After a little playing around to figure it out, everything works as advertised and I'm happy with the buy

Great spy pen

Very easy to use and intuitive. The seller emailed me a video on how to use the pen. The video quality is good for such a tiny camera. It is obviously not the same as the one coming from a bigger camera, but it is good enough to see someone's face. The color is slightly yellowish. The microphone would not pick up conversation from across the room, but that is ok. Overall, the pen looks just like it should be with the camera so tiny you could barely see it. It serves its purpose.

Quality made and quality video

I have been buying and selling covert cameras for well over a decade now. I have spent less than half the price for ink pen cameras and gotten less than half the quality. This pen, especially for the price, is well made. It comes with the 16gb card, 5 extra ink refills cartridges, usb cable for charging and even a micro card reader. The quality of the video is outstanding. Captures both sound and video perfectly.


This kit comes with everything you need, including a 16GB micro SD card. This pen will not operate without the card. It also comes with EIGHT ink cartridges. They must be expecting you to use this as a pen as well as for recording, and to be doing a LOT of writing. There is also a charging cord with outlet adapter, and an adapter for the micro SD card.

The instructions are well written. So many low end consumer products are written in English as a second language, and are almost impossible to decipher. Not so in this case.

Here's a quick note to help you determine if the pen is in photo or video mode after you turn it it on. If the orange light is steady, you are in video mode. If the orange light is blinking, you are in photo mode.

When the pen is in active video recording mode, there are no lights lit up on the pen. The light is on only when the pen is in standby mode, ready to be activated.

The 16GB chip records video for 32 minutes. The pen divides a non-stop recording into four files. Three ten minute clips, and a two minute clip. Which is strange, because the four clips together take up less than 3GB of space.