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ScorchingLamp™ - 7W LED Flickering Fire Light Bulbs!

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"After reading tons of incredible reviews about these bulbs, I was desperate to try them out for myself. And after using them for well over a week now, I can honestly say that they are truly amazing. Not only do they resemble real fire, but they glow and shine like not other bulbs have before. I placed them in my lanterns outside people actually think there's a live fire in them! I also added some of them in my bedroom and it really changes the atmosphere of the room and creates a warmer, and more peaceful environment. Overall, I've been recommending these to all of my friends and family members and really believe that anyone would love these."
- Cesar Drake
Nashville, TN

Grab your Discounted ScorchingLamp™ - 7W LED Flickering Fire Light Bulbs while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 300 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $89.95 USD. 

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Redecorate the entire house with something unique and incredibly glamorous like this one fantastic product. Specifically designed to illuminate the entire room while providing some special effects, this is not something you want to miss out on.

Allow us to introduce you to The Scorching Lamp, a brand new set of light bulbs that are guaranteed to transform your home the moment you screw them on. 

Equipped with exclusive technology, these light bulbs looks like live flames when you turn them on. Programmed to ripple, glow, and flicker like an actual fire, this is truly a spectacle that you just have to see for yourself.

And thanks to its extraordinary lifespan of about 50,000 hours, these can easily become your regular light bulbs for years to come.

Perfect for homes, backyards, churches, and even weddings, you can definitely get creative with these remarkable bulbs.

And for a limited time only, we're letting them go for 50% off retail price! Go and grab yours now to shower your home with bright and radiant lights.

Once you receive your ScorchingLamp, you’ll notice these

  • A miraculous set of light bulbs that provide you with the optical illusion of actual fire. Designed to portray an artificial flicker that looks exactly like live fire, this is guaranteed to transform your household.

  • Made with premium quality materials and durable enough to withstand repeated use without ever showing a bit of wear, this is truly an essential addition to everyone's home.

  • Built to last up to 50,000 hours of highly efficient use, these can quickly become your go-to bulbs for years into the future.

Customer Reviews

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Save u from turning switch on/off

Got this item today and installed it at our back yard. To my surprised this light bulb puts up alot of light. It shine my whole backyard. I hate to turn and off the switch and this is the saving grace for this bulb. It save you from turning it on it off coz it will automaticaly turn off and off by itself..loving this bulb need to get more of this. Tried to take pic of the backyard when light lit up. But picture dont do justice. I will take a better pic in next few days.

Five Stars

Great product. Very happy.

Great led dusk to dawn bulb.

Works exactly as it should and provides good night time safety to outdoor. Perfect for security lights. Great led dusk to dawn bulb.

Highly recommended Topled Light dusk to dawn light bulb.

I am so happy with this purchase, the quality of light is beyond my expectation. This light bulb turns dark and off at dawn which is great since I work at night. I feel much safer and more convenient. Highly recommended Topled Light dusk to dawn light bulb, more favorable than others.

I have been looking for a light bulb

I have been looking for a light bulb to do just this, turn on when it gets dark and turn off when the sun comes up. And with it being LED, its not going to hurt having it on all night. Now all i have to do is remember to keep the switch on. :)

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