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Hole In One™ Golf Practice Net w/ Shock-Resistant Frame!

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"Got one of these for my dad who is an experienced golfer. He loves it because he can practice his form when he’s not at the golf course. I also bought one for my younger brother who is new to golf and can’t afford to go to the golf course every day. Both new and experienced golfers will find benefit from practicing on this daily. The net is made of high quality materials and works great. I’ve been getting plenty of hours of practice time when I go to my dad’s house. If you're looking for an alternative to going out to the golf course, or you just need more practice time, you will love this!"
- Danny White
San Diego, California

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Who doesn’t love to golf?

There’s nothing better than hitting a few with some friends on a nice warm summer day.

However, as always, things may end up getting a bit competitive.

So competitive that you may want to improve your skill level and begin dominating your friends on the course.

That is where this comes in. This here is a practice net for people like you who are trying to improve their overall golf game.

One of the best things about this is you’ll never have to go all the way down to the golf course just to practice.

With this, you can work on your shot in the comfort of your own backyard. And since it’s completely portable and extremely lightweight, you can even take it to your nearest park and get some shots off right there. 

The net itself is made of an incredibly durable nylon mesh material, which is guaranteed to withstand those powerful shots of yours.

The entire thing is also super easy to assemble and there actually isn’t an instruction manual required. It really is that easy!

Once you order, you’ll also receive a storage bag and some ground stakes so that you can mount this thing to the ground on those really windy days.

And in case you’re wondering, the net is indeed extra wide so you won’t have to worry about whether or not it can catch all of your shots.

The bottom line is, this net has got you covered no matter what.

Once you receive your Premium Golf Practice Net, you’ll notice these

  • A durable nylon mesh net that is guaranteed to withstand an enormous amount of pressure and last you a lifetime.

  • The net comes with a pair of thick ground stakes so you can mount the entire thing into the dirt so it stays still on those cold & windy days.

  • Extremely lightweight and super easy to assemble. No instruction manual required.

  • Completely portable so that you can take it with you wherever you go. It also comes with an additional storage bag which is guaranteed to make traveling so much easier.

Customer Reviews

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Like golf? Buy it

Like golf? Buy it!!!
Beats loading up, driving to the range and paying to hit a bucket or two. It will pay for itself in a month or so. Mine has been setup in the backyard for six months - blazing sun, rain, cold. It looks good. I did hit a couple of balls that had some scratches on them and they cut a hole in the net. So, I typically hit 50 to 100 balls into the net three times a week - drivers, irons, wedges. That's somewhere around 3,000 balls. Your game can improve quickly and you become consistent. You do need to hit the links once or twice a month to transfer your "net skills" to the real world condition. I also suggest you invest a couple of hundred bucks in buying a commercial grade driving mat at least 5ft x 5ft - should last 3 to 5 years. You can make a lot of friends with these two items.

making me a better golfer.

I love it. I can hit driver through sand wedge into this net, indoor or out. I purchased a small 10" by 30" driving mat and made a platform for myself to stand on with some scrap wood and a welcome mat. Assembly of the net's frame is tricky by yourself but not impossible. I don't see me ever disassembling it. It is great to work on your swing, and if you use the target "flag" you get audio/visual feedback. I can hit a couple dozen balls before heading to the course with full swings and real contact to loosen up, instead of working it out over four or five holes. I almost bought that box with the ropes and the carpet, but this was a tenth of the price and turned out to be near perfect. The only thing that would make it better would be to have it feed balls back to you every time. Some shots will stay in the net, some bounce out, in any direction but not hard enough to hurt anything. Basically, it's: hit, pick up a ball, hit, pick up a ball, hit, etc. Set up on concrete, most shots will bounce back close enough to me that I can catch them after a bounce or three. On carpet they mostly roll, and on grass they just stop. A badly shanked iron or a wide open 56 deg wedge will miss this net at 9 feet, but barely.

A great way to tune your swing

A great, sturdy little gadget for tuning my swing. I've hit about 200 balls into it with various clubs, including driver. The hanging target makes a very distinctive sound letting you know you hit the shot on line. I use it to warm up before heading to the course. You can find less expensive ones, but they are not built and well and are more prone to the netting opening up (holes). When I get to a thousand balls, I'll add to this review

Now that I've had this awhile, I can truly say I've hit more than a 1000 balls at it. None got through! I took it down in December, put it back out again in March and have already hit another 500 balls. It was easier to put up the second time. Who knew? It still looks brand new even with the rotten rainy, windy and cold weather we've had so far this spring. So far, still well worth the money.

Very good driving net.

Nice driving net. I like that it isn't too big since I have a small space that I placed it in the garden. Set up was reasonable easy. The only thing that I screwed up on my first attempt was not noticing that the long tent-poles have a solid end (that go to the top) and a hollow end for the bottom. Once I sorted that out it was easy to put together. Although I had someone to help me. Might be a lot harder if I had to do it alone.

I like the loud "pop" that the ball makes when it hits the Izzo panel in the middle. Makes it obvious if the ball came off the clubface straight or not.

It will be interesting to see how the net material holds up over time. I'll report back if I start to see holes in the net.


Even better than I thought it would be! Very durable and great for all clubs!

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