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NatureHike™ - Human Shaped Sleeping Bag for Outdoor Camping!

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"I bought this sleeping bag before moving out to Yellowstone National Park for a few months. Buying it on a rushed whim, I was unsure of what to expect. Well for all of you potential buyers, here is what to expect:
This bag is virtually a down comforter gone sleeping bag. I can sleep in this thing anywhere- a mountain, a valley, by a fire, in a car, or in my bed. No camping product have I been more pleased with, this is extremely warm and undeniably comfortable. A++ all around. Worth buying a few for the whole family!"
- Raul Littleton
Tampa, FL

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Are you a frequent hiker with a passion for the sweet outdoors?

Do you love to hike and go camping with your family and friends?

Are you tired of your rigid and restrictive sleeping bag that is almost impossible to fall asleep in?

If so, you might be interested in the NatureHike, a brand new single human sleeping bag that is guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy while also allowing for complete mobility.

Unlike the typical boring sleeping bag, which is literally just a bag that you’re forced to stuff yourself into, the NatureHike is designed to fit like a giant one-piece suit so that allows you to finally sleep comfortably through the night.

With a regular sleeping bag, it’s impossible to spread your legs or move your arms. But with the NatureHike you are completely free to stretch out and get in your favorite position whenever you feel like it.

The simple zipper setup allows you to customize the entire bag to your liking. If you prefer a more traditional sleeping bag, simply zip everything up and hop inside.

But if you want that freedom and mobility, all you have to do is zip it down and you’ll be free at last.

Made with thick genuine cotton and an extremely high quality nylon material, you are guaranteed both incredible durability and comfort no matter what.

The inside of the bag is where the magic happens.

Plush, fluffy, and silky smooth, this super smooth interior is designed to keep you warm and comfy while the exterior is completely bug free and waterproof.

And if that’s not enough, the compact design allows for super easy storage.

Once rolled, folded, and buckled up, you’ll find that the NatureHike takes up almost no space at all.

You’ll also realize that this is not only easy to store but it’s also easy to travel around with.

Simply toss it in the glove box or the trunk before your next trip and you’re all set to go.

Once you receive your NatureHike, you’ll notice these

  • A premium sleeping bag specifically designed to trap heat inside so that you can stay warm and cozy all night long no matter where you are. The thick and fluffy interior ensures you a comfortable night every single time.

  • Unlike the typical sleeping bag, the NatureHike allows you to customize the bag to your liking. The innovative zipper setup allows you to transfrom a regular old sleeping bag into a one-piece suit so that you can stretch your legs and wiggle your ams during the night.

  • Built with the finest quality materials on the market, the NatureHike not only repels bugs and water but it is also guaranteed to provide you with the softest fabrics that will last you a lifetime!

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