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MeatTenderizer™ - Stainless Steel Seasoning Syringe and Marinade Sauce Injector

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 "A friend of mine had been ranting about this thing so I finally caved and decided to get one of my own and WOW is it amazing. I used to follow the traditional guideline when it came to cooking and never found any success. But with this I can finally get the nice and juicy grilled chicken that I've been dying to make. My husband also loved how my food is tasting now, so that's another plus. Overall, I think this is great. It's easy to use and it's really safe."
- Stacie Harris
Burbank, CA

Grab your Discounted MEATTENDERIZER™ - STAINLESS STEEL SEASONING SYRINGE AND MARINADE SAUCE INJECTOR while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 2500 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $69.95 USD.

Order now because these are FLYING off shelves! Limit 2 per customer!

Aren’t you tired of eating rough thick meat that’s impossible to chew? You know what we’re talking about, don’t you?

Just think about the last time you prepared a steak or some turkey, and were just left with this block of wood that gave your poor jaws a hell of a workout.

Don’t you wish you could cook some rich juicy meat that melts as soon as it lands on your tongue? Are you ready to prepare that Hollywood restaurant dinner for the entire family?

Allow us to introduce you to the MeatTenderizer, a revolutionary new device that is guaranteed to enhance the quality of your food in just a matter of seconds.

The MeatTenderizer is unlike anything we’ve seen before. It’s got your standard razor sharp stainless steel blades that allow you to easily puncture and soften your meat.

But it’s got something else that interesting about it...

A handful of those steel blades contain small openings at the tip, allowing any kind of sauce, spice, or oil to seep through into your meat.

So, what does this mean? This means that while you’re “tenderizing” your precious meat, you’ll simultaneously be injecting it with ingredients of your choosing.

With this, you can pump anything you like directly into that steak, chicken, or pork, and take it from this boring and gross slab of wood and transform it into a yummy and tasty cuisine in no time at all.

To put it simply, this is a must have for every kitchen.

Why continue to put up with dry tough meat? End your suffering now and leave your friends and family amazed with their mouths watering the next time they all come over for dinner.

Once you receive your order, you’ll notice these:

  • An incredible device that allows you to soften your meat and inject it with your favorite sauces and spices with ease.

  • The razor sharp blades dig deep into your food and make it tender while simultaneously enhancing its flavor. This 2-in-1 tool is a masterpiece!

  • The blades themselves are adjustable and different setting for different types of meat, ensuring you maximum quality every single time.

  • A nice "safety" tool allows you to store this device easily without ever having to worry about any accidents. 


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