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MagneFormers™ - Magnetic Building Block Toys for Children!

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"Recently received this as a gift from a close friend of mine for my 2 year old and it has been great! My daughter absolutely loves them and I love how they're smooth and round so that she's safe from harm. They stick together easily and you really can build pretty much whatever your imagination allows. Overall, I think this is great for children and would definitely recommend it."
- Karen K. Browning
Lansing, MI

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Provide your precious little child with the creative and educational outlet they need with this marvellous kids toy! Specifically designed to educate your child while being incredibly fun, you'll quickly find that this is a must-have for children everywhere.

Allow us to introduce you to The MagneFormers, a collection of magnetic building blocks that you and your child can use to form anything you like. 

Each piece is built with premium quality materials so that they not only last a long time but are also completely safe.


The MagneFormer's are all radiant with bright, vibrant, and beautiful colors. They're all designed to provide you with the best possible experience. Form them into a house, or even a car and watch as your child has loads of fun for hours and hours.

And thanks to their powerful magnetic components, each piece snaps nicely together and is guaranteed to hold on strong the entire time.

A wonderful toy that is the perfect addition to your child's play pen. Don't settle for less and get yourself your very own MagneFormer today!

Once you receive your MagneFormers, you’ll notice these

  • A wildly innovative kids toy that's been designed and crafted to be both incredibly fun and educational. Unlike any blocks we've seen before, this is not something you want to miss.

  • Beautifully designed to amaze and entertain, each block is glossy and radiating, making it an excellent kids toy. The bright and radiant colors make the experience much more fun for everyone involved.

  • Made with premium quality materials ensuring you a wonderful kids toy that can take a beating and even last a lifetime.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Highly recommended

My 2-1/2 granddaughter loves Magformers. This is the second set we have given her to add to the first set of 36. The parents and grandparents enjoy playing with them too. Very mind stimulating and helps with dexterity and something enjoyable as a family. Highly recommended! Expensive but worth it.

Really worth the investment!

These Magformer sets are so incredible! My son can play for hours. I am truly amazed with what he has built using the pictures provided and then the ones he has been inspired to desgn on his own. They are pricey, but well worth the investment for the happiness they bring and the stimulation to the imagination. Some other boys came over that had never seen them before and they had a blast. Noone wanted to go in the pool, they wanted to play Magformers!

Mag formers are the best magnetic toys out there

Mag formers are the best magnetic toys out there. The magnets are not going to come out with normal use, so there is no worry of a choking hazard. As a grandmother, I'm always concerned about little magnets in toys. My five-year-old grandson and a three-year-old Granddaughter have a wonderful time building creative things with these toys. They are a bit pricey, so watch for them on sale. I picked mine up on sale and held onto them for months, and it was worth it because I watched the prices go up. I have also bought another set that complements. You can continue to add on as you wish.

Excellent Quality and a Good Price (and Hours of Fun!)

This is our second set of Magformers and they are a family favorite! After the first one was gifted to us and our daughters (2 & 5) played with them for over a year I decided we needed to expand our set. I saw so many options of off-brand magnet toys and I was so tempted to purchase those sets as their per-piece price was roughly half of the Magformers' cost (I made a spreadsheet-my husband rolled his eyes ). Bottom line: I simply couldn't get over the idea that when you get the Magformers you are getting the highest quality product. We have never had one break (which is so important with those little hands and mouths that play with them) and the product is exacting in quality. I wish the price was about 20% lower, but excellent quality is King. This particular set is the best value of the Magformers sets and has a great variety of pieces for hours of imaginative play.Katey Pooh

So much fun and very educational

This is the third set of magnetic building blocks that I have purchased. I particularly liked this set because it has different shaped pieces that allow for more designs to be made. These are the Tinker Toys of this day. The kids play for hours with these. The magnets are very strong and hold in a variety of different designs. With this set they have made dragons, 3D balls, boats and a ferris wheel to name of few. The blocks are very colorful, very sturdy and very strong once they are connected to one another. Magnetic blocks are not the less expensive toy on the market but I have had my other two sets for about a year now and they get a lot of use. None of them have broken and only a few have disappeared. This set encourages creative thinking by the users and design skills.