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iScan™ - Advanced Portable Scanner Pen 900DPI

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"I've never liked using those enormous and complicated professional scanners that are sitting back at the office but I had heard about these portable ones a few weeks back and was immediately interested but I couldn't figure where to buy my own. I finally found a reputable site selling one of these things so I quickly jumped on and made my purchase and I can't say I have been disappointed. It works great and I'm glad I never have to use the scanners at work. Now I can scan my documents in private." 
- Brett Heinemann
Billings, Montana

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We’re in the digital age now.

It’s super important for you to have all of your documents up on your PC and available for everyday use AT ALL TIMES.

But how do you do this?

Well, thanks to recent technological advancements, you can actually get a digital copy of your most important papers and documents with just one tiny swipe of your hand.

How so?

Allow us to explain…

This is the iScan, the only portable scanner that you can actually carry in your back pocket.

Think right now of that time you’ve needed to scan some documents.

Wasn’t it a bit of an annoying process? It can also be incredibly difficult to scan things that aren’t completely flat, like books, and things that are too large for traditional scanners, like paintings.

However, you may never have to deal with these exhausting machines again because the iScan will allow you to scan crystal clear copies almost instantly.

All you have to do is turn it on, push the button, and swipe. It’s that easy!

Once you scan whatever is that you need, it will immediately be stored in the iScan micro SD card, just waiting to be imported into your PC or laptop!

With the iScan, you can scan, save, and upload anything with complete ease.

Just remember to place this guy in your pocket before you head out to the office and you’ll always be well equipped and ready to go every single time.

Once you receive your portable scanner pen, you’ll notice these

  • With the iScan, you will be able to scan any document INSTANTLY. This way, you won't ever have to wait until you're able to use one of those traditional (and confusing) scanners at the office.

  • The iScan is 100% portable and has ZERO wires or attachments, ensuring you extremely easy use and a device that you can carry around with no hassle at all. Just toss it in your backpack!

  • Thanks to the micro SD USB cable, you can upload all of your newly scanned to your PC or laptop in no time at all!

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