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Foldesk™ - Ergonomic Portable Laptop Table

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"As a new college student, I knew I had to get something like this but I had no clue which one to get. However, after reading its great reviews I quickly purchased this one and after one week of regular use, I can proudly say that I am glad I got it. Carrying it around is really easy and I love how nicely everything folds into place. The legs really are adjustable and you can get them to stay in any position that you find beneficial. All in all, this is simply perfect. If you're interested in one of these, this model is the by far the best."
- Elizabeth M. Green
Pittsburgh, PA

Grab your Discounted Foldesk™ - Ergonomic Portable Laptop Table Stand while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 200 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $249.95 USD.

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Are you a frequent laptop user who's looking to optimize their experience?

Are you tired of hunching over to get a proper view of your screen and ruining your posture?

If so, this extraordinarily useful device is guaranteed to not only improve your posture and eliminate back pain but also make using your laptop a whole lot easier.

With this, you can instantly get your precious laptop at eye level, which makes the entire experience almost effortless.

This here is the Foldesk, a brand new portable laptop stand that allows you to set up anywhere you want.

Open this up and you can immediately turn your bed, sofa, and even your car into a super efficient work space.

When you're comfortably lying on your back, it's almost impossible to use your laptop effectively.

You strain your neck, you put stress on your spine, and you can barely see anything.

Luckily, the Foldesk can raise your screen to the optimal position, allowing you be both incredibly comfortable and free to work on your projects and obligations with zero stress.

Made entirely out of a premium aluminum alloy material, the Foldesk is built to provide you with a ridiculous amount of durability.

It's innovative construction also makes it really lightweight so that you can easily carry this around wherever you go.

The device is completely adjustable, allowing you to customize the size and height until it is 100% perfect for you and your specific needs.

Each of the legs have 2 joints that allow 360-degrees of mobility, giving you the chance to manipulate the height in any way you please.

All you have to do is clip your laptop onto the tray, adjust the legs and you are all set to go!

And to make it even easier for you, the Foldesk quickly folds into one compact device that is incredibly easy to store.

So that means when you're all done and ready to get on the move, closing this thing up is a breeze.

Why settle for less (or jeopardize your delicate spine)?

Grab a Foldesk today and reap the enormous rewards tomorrow.

Once you receive your Foldesk, you’ll notice these

  • An innovative appliance that is specifically designed to optimize your laptop experience by providing you with the comfortable stability you need to get some work done. With this, you can turn anything into a super efficient work space.

  • Made out of extremely high-quality materials, ensuring you maximum durability and longevity, the Foldesk is easily the best of the best in terms of quality and practicality.

  • Completely adjustable so that you can tailor the height until it fits your tastes. The customizable legs allow you to alter them in any way possible, making this incredibly versatile.

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