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Flawless™ - High Quality Gold-Plated Facial Hair Remover!

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"Recently received this in the mail and I've truly fallen in love with it. It's really small and handy and leaves me with the perfect baby face. It is extremely gentle, as I have been using it daily without any problems. Overall, I'm absolutely in love with this and I'd recommend it to any ladies or men out there who are in need of something to tame those pesky facial hairs."
- Claudia S. Cosenza
Oregon City, OR

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Achieve smooth buttery skin that is silky soft to touch with this innovative new technology. Specifically designed to provide you with that nearly perfect look, this absolute lifesaver is not something you want to miss!

Allow us to introduce, The Flawless, our brand new device that is guaranteed to remove hair almost instantly.

Sleek and compact, this miracle-worker allows you to effectively burn away those pesky little hairs on your upper lip or around you face.

Designed to be completely painless and irritation-free, this is guaranteed to live up to its name and give you that gorgeous, flawless look.

Thanks to its premium quality materials, impeccable construction, and superior build, you can easily use this magnificent device every single day without ever having to wait for regrowth.

And with the additional built-in LED light, you're sure to never miss another hair!

An essential addition to every women or mens collection, the Flawless is truly an iconic gadget. Small, effective, and beautifully designed, why would you settle for anything less?

Grab yours now and never be caught with embarrassing peach-fuzz again!

Once you receive your Flawless, you’ll notice these

  • An incredibly innovative device that allows you to remove any and all unwanted hair in just a matter of seconds. High-powered yet extremely compact, this is truly a household essential.

  • Entirely made out of high-quality materials, this thing is definitely built to last. Its 18K gold-plated exterior makes this wonderful product even more glamorous than your ordinary hair remover.

  • Sleek, slim, and super easy to carry around, this wildly convenient device is bound to become one of your favourites!

  • Equipped with premium LED lights, facial hair removal has never been easier.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Help for us older gals with those grey and black chin hairs

I was a little skeptical but was so pleasantly surprised that it actually remove all the hair from my 71 year old face. Including those pesky grey and black hairs that grow once we age. Flawless removed everything down to the skin and left it smooth. I am going to buy another one because it works great and never want to be without it. Now, I can forget the painful waxing.

I love this. It works as advertised

I love this. It works as advertised. I always have peach fuzz two days after a waxing and this took away all the hairs on my lip and chin.

Very much surprised that it REALLY WORKS!

Ok so I thought this was gonna be a piece of sh×× but I was supremely suprised. There were too many good reviews on this new product but I really gave up. I tried 2 different types of face cream they weren't good enough and have given me breakouts. I also tried the twisty plucking stick which hurt and took forever. And the eyebrow shaved for my cheeks and chin but it came back so fast. I didn't want to shave cause it would grow back thicker but I don't care anymore I just feel super self conscience about hair on my face. I wear makeup and I can see the hair sticking thru it so I'm like other see this too. I used it for the 1st time today and it works on the thick parts and finer hairs which is what my face is mostly comprised of. I am happy I don't gotta deal with peach fuzz and long chin hairs. The photos are what it took off from the complete lower part of my face in one go. It gets slight hot but I stop and go. Hopefully it continues to work.

Perfect for Sensitive Skin

I have very sensitive skin and waxing always causes severe irritation. The Finishing Touch removes hair effortlessly and with no pain at all. The sleek design is an added bonus! I highly recommend this product.

It works !

It works amazing finally found something for my facial hair. My facial hair is thick because I used to shave it with the eyebrow razor and this removed the hair completely.

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