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Crosshairs™ - Bluetooth Augmented Reality Gun with Cellphone Holder!

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"Recently got this for my son and he's been addicted as soon as he took it out of the box. It was super easy to connect to his phone and I'm amazed at just how sensitive everything is. It really detects every one of his movements and there are no lags or hiccups, just an extremely smooth ride all the time. The app was really easy to download too, so overall everything went well and it's still performing great! He's in love with it, so if he's happy so am I."
- Jesse Rodriguez
San Jose, CA

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Do you love playing VR shooting games on your smartphone?

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to optimize the experience and transform it into something better, smoother, and more fun?

If so, you might be interested in this incredibly innovative device that is guaranteed to blow your mind and keep your entertained for hours and hours!

This here is called the CrossHairs, a brand new gadget that is specifically designed to instantly enhance your first person shooter games and make them even more lifelike and personal!

Professionally crafted to easily connect to your smartphone, this one device is all you need to play premium games wherever you go.

Once you receive your very own CrossHairs, you'll instantly notice its fabulous design and extraordinary quality.

Its smooth and rounded handle fits comfortably in your hands, immediately reducing fatigue so that you can play longer without any issue.

To use your new device, all you have to do is download the app and, thanks to the wireless bluetooth compatibility, connect everything together.

Once set up, you'll instantly have the incredible ability to play dozens of different games where you can effortlessly point, shoot, and fire away.

With your smartphone mounted up top, its never been easier (or more fun) to blast zombies, shoot targets, and defeat monsters, demons, and dragons.

With this in your hands, these fantastic games can finally come to life.

And thanks to the outstanding technology and the supreme wireless connection, you'll notice how swiftly everything glides.

There is zero lag and every movement is so smooth and so fluid that you just have to see it for yourself.

An essential tool for any serious gamer out there, this is not something you want to miss!

Why put up with the boring regular games for another minute?

Bring your favourite games to life and truly experience virtual reality video games the way they were intended.

Get yours now and enjoy the thrill today!

Once you receive your Crosshairs, you’ll notice these

  • A new smartphone attachment that allows you to finally integrate your favorite first person shooter VR games into the real world with supreme quality.

  • With full wireless Bluetooth capabilities you can turn, point, and pull the trigger in real time with zero lag. A revolutionary new way to experience VR games, this is a must-have for gamers eveywhere.

  • Thanks to its masterful craftsmanship and superb design, you can comfortably fire away at your enemy without experiencing any irritation or discomfort.

  • With more than 100 hours of battery life, this thing is guaranteed fun for everyone involved.


  1. Open the battery cover and install 2 Triple (AAA) battery.

  2. Search and download AR-Gun app through App store or Google play.

  3. Turn on your smartphone's bluetooth and launch the AR-Gun app.

  4. Pull the trigger to pair it with your smartphone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

It is also very light weight and easy to carry around. It was a fancy birthday gift.


Its an awesome portable virtual gaming gun for designed for cell phones. It's working fine for my Samsung s7 edge. Very easy commenxtivity. Just pull the trigger for 3 seconds to easy connect to your cell phones via Bluetooth. Its bulky yet light-weighted.


This is a very fun toy and game. It still needs a little work but it is still very fun. Very easy to set up, just turn on your BT, start the app, then hold the trigger until the blue light comes on. It literally only takes seconds and you are shooting. There are several levels to choose from. Shoot at jets, UFOs, fish, sharks, and more. Game play becomes more difficult as you go. Watch your ammo level or you might become a sitting duck as the enemy fires back. The gun itself is made of lightweight wood the is laser cut and etched with cool design. The augmented reality takes mobile gaming to a new level. It keeps you more active than you would be if sitting on the couch to play. This game is full 360 degree playing field, so you have to be standing in order to rotate and shoot the enemies as they come from every angle. This is a fun new addition to my gaming collection

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