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ChickenMascot™ - White Chicken Mascot Fancy Halloween Costume for Adult

ChickenMascot™ - White Chicken Mascot Fancy Halloween Costume for Adult

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"Wore this to my most recent costume party and it works exactly as described. The costume goes completely over your body, which was a bit concering but fortunately, everything was 100% and I was comfortable the entire time. It was definitely a hit and everyone loved it! I even had a few people ask me where I got it and how they can get one for themselves! I love how quickly I can inflate and deflate the costume, and I'm definitely ready to wear this again. If you're interested in this kind of thing, I couldn't recommend this more."

Grab your Discounted ChickenMascot™ - White Chicken Mascot Fancy Halloween Costume for Adult ! while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 200 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $154.95 USD.

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Treat yourself to the hottest costume of the year with this beautifully designed and incredibly hilarious Chicken Costume that's guaranteed to transform you into the heart of the party. 

Perfect for cosplaying, costume parties, and even Halloween, this Chicken suit is truly one of the very best. Specifically designed to astound, amaze, and leave everyone dying of laughter, this is certainly not something you want to miss.

Made up entirely of premium quality materials, you can be sure of its durability and ability to put up with wear. Its plush fabrics and tightly woven exterior are also extremely comfortable and are proven to wrap and conform to your specific shape, forming the perfect fit.

So while being an instant hit no matter where you go, this suit is also wildly long-lasting and warm & cozy. Equipped with a high-powered fan, you can easily inflate your costume in just a matter of seconds.

And thanks to it's spectacular construction, you can keep this costume up and running for nearly 5 hours of time – that's more than enough time to party the night away!

Absolutely hilarious, beautifully designed, and guaranteed to stay up for the entire party, this truly is the perfect costume for the season.

Why settle for anything less? With this, you get absolute convenience from an extraordinary suit that can certainly last a lifetime. 

Grabs yours now and instantly acquire one of the best costumes available today.

Once you receive your ChickenMascot, you’ll notice these

  • An incredibly innovative costume that's been specifcally designed to knock some socks off. Once you throw this on, you'll instantly become the most memorable person in the room. With this, there is no way to disappoint.

  • Made up entirely of genuine materials that hold up well while also providing you with maximum comfort and mobility.

  • Thanks to its high-powered battery and vacuum-sealed construction, you can maintain an inflated costume for up to 5 whole hours of fun.

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