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BlenderBottle™ - 380ml USB Rechargeable Fruit Blender!

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"I picked this up after reading dozens of great reviews and so far it has not disappointed. Extremely effective and powerful, this blender is something I wish I had purchased years ago! It's compact size allows me to carry it in my bag while I'm on the road, and the convenient USB charging port allows me to keep it charged and ready to go no matter what. A great device that is also really affordable. Thanks guys!"
- Layla Brigden
Chesthunt, Victoria

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Acquire ultimate convenience and keep yourself healthy and hydrated with this one fantastic device. Designed to provide you with a razor sharp blender and a bottle in one handheld product, this is not something you want to miss out on!

This here is The Blender Bottle, a brand new super device that is guaranteed to bring you all of the miraculous benefits of a high-quality blender while being compact and completely portable.

Once you receive your order, you'll be amazed at its sleek and slender construction and its lightweight build. Small enough to fit in your backpack but powerful enough to tear through frozen fruits and veggies. This is an absolute essential for health-nuts everywhere.

100% battery-free, this rechargeable device allows you to enjoy 380ml of your favorite smoothies anywhere you like. And thanks to its quick working internal system, you can create a tasty blend in just 1 minute or less.

Eco-friendly and made out of premium quality plastic materials, this easy-to-clean blender is bound to provide you a lifetime of efficient use.

So why wait any longer? Grab your very own Blender Bottle now because we're letting it go for 50% off retail price!

Once you receive your BlenderBottle, you’ll notice these

  • An incredibly innovative device that allows you to create great tasting and mouth-watering smoothies and juices anywhere you like. An extremely effective blender that can fit in any backpack, the Blender Bottle is definitely an essential.

  • Super simple to use and even easier to clean, the Blender Bottle works with just the push of a button. And with its quick charging period, you can can make your smoothies whenever you want.

  • Made out of the finest quality materials available, both the exterior plastic and the internal stainless steel razor blade are built to withstand repeated everyday use, ensuring you a long lasting product!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Compact and efficient, easy to place fruits and vegetables to make juice, what productive mornings.

Efficient, handy and very convenient to use. It's easy to place fruits and vegetables to make juice. The blender works really well and I can carry it anywhere. This is just a perfect blender to use for almost every morning to make smoothies. I have to say that I didn't have really high expectations for the price and the size and boy were I wrong! I love this thing. I have made milkshakes, nice creamy smoothies, and blended coffee drinks and it works great. I haven't used whole ice cubes in it, so I can't comment on that, but I use the pellet ice and it works great! I am probably going to buy a second one to keep at work. The best part is there is no cord around the base which makes it even easier to take it with me anywhere. I can drink right out of the cup which saves time washing cups. I am planning to take it on my road trip! super excited. Awesomeness product.

Good quality

Love this on the go blender i hate carrying my bullet cus its heavy and i hate carring bulky stuff but this is a light and easy to use just charge it with the usb cable and blend away and very handy

This is the most AMAZING thing I've bought for myself

This is the most AMAZING thing I've bought for myself!! It's portable and works amazing!! I just add my likingbof veggie or fruits and charge it up before hand, no get fresh juice whenever I want to. It comes with a cleaner also so it's a piece a cake to keep it clean. Definitely one to buy!!

I really love this USB Juicer Cup

I really love this USB Juicer Cup. It is very convenience to make juice in the morning for my husband. When you put the apple inside the juicer cup, make sure you cut them into small pieces in case the apples are hard to stir. The most best thing is this juicer cup can be charged by power bank or computers;therefore, I can charger it anywhere if there is USB device. Very smart product.

This product is awesome! Now I can drink the fresh juice anywhere

This product is awesome! Now I can drink the fresh juice anywhere I want just have fruit and this ready!This is a great personal blender, a portable size of traveling fruit blender. It is rechargeable with a USB cable. The size holds 500mL of liquid as its capacity. It mixes fruits into juice very quickly. It is perfect for the office or travel. I have a bigger one at home, but I like this one much better, easy to use and clean up, work fast and quiet! A great blender at a very affordable price and it’s made of glass, much healthier and easier to clean up, you can blend frozen fruits, fresh fruits, greens etc. I am very happy with this juicer! Drink a protein shake, smoothie or healthy drink everyday.

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