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TopAce™ - High Speed Long Distance Flying Fixed Wing Aircraft!

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 "A friend of mine had been playing with this and his son a few weeks back and I knew I needed to get 2 for my children. They love RC toys and we already have a bunch of small cars, but this looked incredibly fun so I knew an investment had to be made. Since making my purchase we have been having an absolute blast. These things fly so fast and they're so smooth, they really are a joy to play with. Another great thing is they are really light so they're easy to carry around. Super durable and beautiful to watch fly through the sky. Absolutely love these things!"
- Warren J. Meeks
Youngstown, OH

Grab your Discounted TopAce™ - High Speed Long Distance Flying Fixed Wing Aircraft while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 5000 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $349.95 USD.

Order now because these are FLYING off shelves! Limit 2 per customer!

Toss it into the sky and watch it fly and soar like an eagle.

Rough winds? It doesn’t matter. You want to fly indoors? That’s fine too.

Why? Because this thing was built to last and withstand almost anything.

The TopAce is the only RC aircraft specifically designed to be high-speed and travel long distances while still being incredibly lightweight and flexible.

Made up entirely of a thick foam and durable plastic, this hollow airplane is guaranteed to glide through the winds with both elegance and versatility.

The construction itself is exactly what allows you to fly amongst the doves without ever having to worry about any disruption of turbulence.

Its complex Cessna-182 design cuts through the winds, ensuring you a silky smooth ride every single time.

With just one quick charge, you can fly this thing for nearly a half an hour without any cool down period. That is nearly 3x longer than your average RC airplane!

Another great feature is the incredible distance allowed between the remote control and the airplane.

Once you get it up in the air you can control this thing up to 200 meters away.

That means this thing can go as far as 4 NFL football fields and still be completely under your control.

The advanced remote control allows you to easily perform all sorts of neat tricks and flips.

And you can also do super cool 360 spins that you just can’t do with regular RC planes.

After you order and start flying you TopAce around, you’ll immediately realize how much fun this can be for the entire family.

Get yours today and let the airplane races begin!

Once you receive your Top Ace, you’ll notice these

  • The super lightweight foam exterior allows you to glide through the air with enchanting fluidity while still providing enough support so that you can make those quick sharp turns whenever you need to.

  • Modelled after the infamous Cessna-182, the TopAce is specifically designed to be aerodynamically superior to any RC airplane on the market today. Its complex design guarantees you longevity, durability, and a whole lot of fun for the entire family.

  • The high-powered remote control transmitter gives you all the juice you need to get the job done right. In fact, with this you can easily fly across the length of 4 NFL football fields (200 meters) while still maintaining complete control.

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