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PianoRoll™ - Foldable Electronic Keyboard Piano with Built-in Speaker!

PianoRoll™ - Foldable Electronic Keyboard Piano with Built-in Speaker!

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"We bought this for our daughter because she has such a desire to create music but since she’s only 4 we wanted something that she wasn’t able to break and that we could take with us on the go. I had no idea they made these! This has continued to inspire the musical spark within her and allow her hours of entertainment and creativity no matter where we go.  AND it sounds amazing!! Just like a professional keyboard! I highly recommend this for kids young or old!"
- Paula M. Wright
Hightstown, NJ

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Once you receive your foldable electronic piano, you’ll notice these

  • A Brilliant Design by a professional piano manufacturer so you get the best quality out there in a new and innovative way!

  • An Educational Product that allows children to develop their musical skills for a  fraction of the cost.

  • Flexible 61-Key Piano is suitable for everyone including children, beginners, family, or people who love playing music on the go!

  • Portable, fashionable, and easy to carry making this product very convenient to use while travelling. Rolls out in seconds to begin playing!

  • Control box is anti-skid, with a scratch-resistant design.

  • Compatible with Windows and Mac, drive free and supports hot plug with USB MIDI output interface.

  • Superior Sound Quality sounds just like a real piano, guaranteed to give you a lifetime of enjoymentPlaying, recording and editing your music just become a whole lot easier!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Good for practice!

    I take my roll-up keyboard to work to practice. Everyone wants to try it out; it is an attention grabber! It will not replace a regular keyboard or piano; however it is good for practicing or preparing for performance. The keys are sensitive, meaning it will double tap easily (probably due to the fact the keys are roll-up); however if you play well on this roll-up, you will play very well on a real piano

    Amazing technology!

    I only wish this would have been available when I was young. I had always wanted learn to play the piano but we really did not have the room to put a full size piano in the house and while I had a small keyboard it was not really large enough to be able to try and learn properly.

    Now I see that my cousin and his wife are in the same situation as they have a set of twins that want to learn badly but again can’t due to a lack of space. After looking around and seeing this online I knew this would be perfect for them because they do not have to worry about space in their townhouse and it is portable to take anywhere if they want to.

    This is a compact and roll out keyboard set up with a full size 88 keys that lay out on a table for kids and/or beginners to enjoy. You also get all the features of a piano as well has a total of 129 tones, 100 rhythms and 80 different demos. You access these features with the control box on the right hand side which is where the charging takes place. The entire keyboard is 50 inches wide, comes with a foot pedal, allows you to record your lessons or even when just playing around. After recording, the keyboard control can be hooked up to your computer for editing. The keyboard control also has different ports for USB, external speaker, SD card and headphones. This is totally amazing with so much features and deserves more than a 5-star rating.

    Great fun for my granddauters

    What fun! This roll out keyboard brings back memories of pounding out “Chopsticks” or “I Dropped My Dolly In The Dirt” from my much younger days. While I don’t have space for a traditional piano, I can still let my granddaughters enjoy the fun of learning those simple songs and more on the roll out keyboard. It’s like having a portable full size piano that I can put in a drawer when they aren’t here.
    Besides playing the keyboard like a traditional piano, there are numerous demos, rhythms and tones they can have fun with. The on/off switch, charging function, and controls are all made into a white box on the right side of the keyboard. It comes with the charging cord and a foot pedal. You can even record your music for fun or practice.
    I have to admit that while it’s a lot of fun, it takes a bit firmer touch than what you need on a traditional piano. Some of the keys are a little harder to press to get the sound to work. That doesn’t take away from the fun, it’s just worth noting. For my girls that mostly ‘bang’ on the piano for now, it’s fine. If they were to need to use the keyboard to practice for a ‘real’ piano, they would have to make a few adjustments as to how hard they press on these keys versus piano keys. Still, it’s a great substitute for having a full size piano when you don’t have a lot of extra room.

    Perfect for travel

    This device makes piano like sounds and the keys are close enough to in-tune for my purposes. It'll take up less space in my luggage than a pair of rolled up jeans. This is a novelty item and I would only recommend it for niche applications; such as where size and portability are paramount. Other wise you'd be better off with an inexpensive regular keyboard.The tactile response on this 2D keyboard is not even close to a real keyboard (it's actually pretty horrible).

    Portable Piano Serves Its Purpose More or Less

    Sound is a bit tinny but otherwise it serves the purpose of having a portable instrument for German choir practice where the accordion player plays by ear, which causes occasional problems. I hope that with this instrument, I can eliminate some of these problems (I am not choir leader).
    Added a year or so later (10-2013): The tone level is a little off (off key), so while it served the intended purpose for a while, since it is no longer properly tuned, it no longer serves the purpose as intended although I can still at least show the accordion player which equivalent key to use on his small keyboard on the left of his accordion. Also, and one reviewer mentioned this already, it needs a hard surface underneath. Because of its length, a fairly long desk or table needs to be available to lie absolutely flat because every bit of "bulge" will distort the sound even more. The keys on mine have not been stuck together, as some people mentioned but are fairly small, so someone with wide fingers would have difficulty hitting the right ones or just one key at a time. I said originally that it sounds A BIT tinny. I would say that was an understatement -- it sounds VERY tinny but that can be expected since there is no resonance space. I thought the price was not outrageous but would have preferred something a little more thought through.

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