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InfinityGamer™ – 400 Classic Video Games in ONE Console!

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"My two sons love playing vintage games, so I recently got this as a present for them and they absolutely love it! For me, these old school graphics bring back the feeling of my childhood again. It looks really great for an 8bit machine, and the controllers are comparable to a Nintendo which is awesome. It includes 400 super fun games!!! We'll be playing this for a LONG time. Provides plenty of clean, entertaining, old school gaming fun for me and my two boys. Also, great & quick communication from seller & fast shipping. Thanks for the great purchase!"
- Heather T. Dove
Oakland, CA

Grab your Discounted InfinityGamer™ – 400 Classic Video Games in ONE Console! while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 1500 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $199.95 USD.

Order now because these are FLYING off shelves! Limit 2 per customer!

Do you remember the 80’s?

Michael Jackson was moonwalking everywhere. Reagan was still the US president.

Things were just different back then…

And you know what? We truly had some really awesome video games back then too.

If you’ve ever wanted to hop into a time machine and experience the 80’s one last time, congratulations because you’re in luck!

Cool Baby has just rereleased one of their classic video game counsels with 400 different amazing games built right into the system!

That’s right, you finally have the chance to play those classic video games that you’ve come to know and love.

We’re talking about games like Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Pac-man, and many more! About 397 more!

The system has been revamped and remodelled to adjust to your modern TV set.

The graphics have been enhanced and improved, ensuring you crystal clear visuals that you’ve never seen before.

Order now and allow yourself to go back in time and relive your childhood by playing some of the classics!


Once you receive your Game Console, you’ll notice these

  • The vintage Cool Baby RS-35 system remodelled with new, high-quality materials, ensuring you durability and consistent performance.
  • 2 user-friendly controllers that plug right into the system, allowing you to relive your childhood with your friends.
  • 400 classic video games just waiting to be played. They’re easily accessible and built right into the system, just for you!
  • All of the essential wires and adapters that guarantee a crystal clear picture and an overall high-quality experience, every time you play! 


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