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JumpStart™ - Portable Emergency Car Battery Jump Starter

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"Couldn't believe this little thing could jump start my car, but it did. I'm very happy with this product! Saved me $80+ from having to tow it (paid for itself really quick). Fast delivery, and well packaged. I like that it's really small and easy to bring everywhere.
- Dan Penner
Vancouver, Canada

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How safe do you want your family to be when you’re out on the road?

How easily do you want to solve the many complex problems that life throws at you?

There are many ways to prepare yourself for setbacks. One guaranteed way is to make sure you are well equipped with the right gadgets and gizmos at all hours of the day.

Well, how do you know you’ve found the right tool?

Convenient tools are always lifesavers. If you can find something that is convenient and effective, you’ve got your hands on something marvellous.

Take this Multi-Functional Battery for instance.

This here is not your ordinary external battery and its effectiveness may actually blow your mind.

Once you’ve got it in your hands, the first thing you’ll notice is the large variety of ports.

This thing has a bunch of USB ports and headphone jacks so that you can charge anything while you’re on the go! (iPhones, iPads, Laptops, & more)

And unlike most external batteries, this one has got a tremendous amount of power.

Not only can it charge your little devices but it can actually also jump-start a car! You have a right to be skeptical. Who wouldn’t be? It is that ridiculous but it is 100% true.

On a full charge, this handheld battery can jump start your car in no time at all.

This simple fact is what makes this the best of best. Its compact design also adds on to the already amazing list of features. You can keep this in your glove compartment whenever you’re on the road and be completely sure that you are safe no matter what!

And to make things even more spectacular, it is also a premium LED flashlight with 3 different modes. (Full Light, Strobe light, SOS light).

How does that sound for convenience?

As the day's progress it seems like this product here has completely taken the world by storm. It’s been flying off the shelves and for good reason!

How could you resist something so incredibly affordable, effective, and convenient?

Just make sure you’ve packed it in your bag and prepare to reap the rewards!

Once you receive your JumpStart, you’ll notice these

  • Power Bank - An enormously powerful battery with a built-in high-powered LED flashlight that is guaranteed to keep you safe and fully charged when you're on the go. It's also compact enough so that you can store it anywhere – like in the glove compartment!

  • Portable Charger on the Go - Not only is the battery powerful but it is also super reliable. With more than a handful of different ports, there is nothing that you won't be able to charge. This one device is more than enough to charge everyone's smartphone and tablet.

  • Easy to Use Car Jump Starter - Use it to jump-start your car battery in just a matter of seconds. Keep it in the glove box at all times and bring it out when you need it most.

  • Portable LED Flash Light for the Outdoors - The super-bright LED flashlight has 3 illumination modes (Full Light, Strobe light, SOS light) and will last up to 120 hours on a full charge. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Can be a life saver. Amazing power!

There will be a time when you will need a jump start because the cars battery is weak due to the cold, you left the lights on or the door open. The hassle of getting cables out (assuming you own some) and then trying to find someone to give you a jump can be difficult or impossible. And if you are parked forward in a space and trapped by other cars next to you and in front, you'll have to wait for them to move it. That can be hours. This jump starter box is amazing. For the price, I thought I'd give it a shot. I wanted to test how much is too much for this little box, so completely disconnected the battery from my 2004 Toyota Tundra V8 and connected it to the cars cables. Amazingly it had enough to start it up twice at a 75% charge! I didn't try it more because I was convinced at that point.

Also, I race cars and have showed it to all my friends. They've ordered one because they run smaller batteries to save weight and they tend to get weak easily. This is the perfect tool to add to the tool bag.

It is also great to have as an emergency phone charger for power outages or maybe a camping trip. So many reasons to buy one or give as a gift.

Great purchase and would recommend to anyone who is worried ...

The wife has a 2011 Jeep Wrangler and when she went to start it the battery was dead. She hooked this up and it started right up. Great purchase and would recommend to anyone who is worried about being stuck with a dead battery.

Greatest tool ever

I bought an unit a year ago saved my bacon a couple of times. Its well made works excellent A great value for money.

Proven and affordable

I waited to write a review until I actually jumped one of my cars, a bmw e46 3.0L. While it didn't jump a few moments after I connected, I read the instructions which recommends you wait 30 seconds after connecting. (I suppose to allow some charge through, or maybe fill up the internal capacitors of the device) started!

Because of its compact design and many ports and plugs, you can also take this thing with you as portable power for your mobile devices- even laptops as there are ports with varying voltage outputs. In fact, I purchased a separate plug for my surface pro 4 and this gives me an extra few more hours when no socket is available (like at my kids games and practices).

BTW, because I trust nothing with lithium batteries, this stays inside a compact ammo canister from Costco while inside my cars.

Ten months packed in the trunk and it still had 100% charge

I bought this in January when I was restocking my car emergency kit. It arrived fully charged and I put it in my trunk and basically forgot about it.

Flash forward to this morning (it's now November), and it's time to take the kids to school. I get outside and find that my battery of my 2008 Hyundai Sonata is kaput because someone left a reading light on all weekend.

I got the battery pack out of the trunk and checked the charge. It was still at 100% TEN MONTHS after I got it. I connected the cables to the battery using the instructions provided, and turned the key. The car was running in about 1 second. FANTASTIC!

I checked the charge on the battery pack a few minutes later and it had dropped to 75%. I'm guessing after that long in storage, a boost would be a quick power drain, but I'm not fussed because it worked like a charm in my moment of need! The fact that it's lightweight and compact is an added bonus.

I would have no hesitation recommending this product. In fact, since the holidays are coming up, I think I have an idea for a gift for a few of my friends and family!

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