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CozyCar™ - New Car Seat Cover Headrest Neck Pillow

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"It has been 1 whole week since picking this up and it has been nothing short of extraordinary. I used to suffer from severe neck pain from sitting at the office so something like this is like a gift from heaven. It provides that nice support while I'm driving around. I really like the memory foam and how it quickly adapts to my specific shape, while also being really comfortable. I can honestly say that I'm loving this thing right now and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone interested."
- Andrea Francis
Memphis, TN

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Instantly optimize your overall driving experience and making things a whole lot easier with this one simple product. Specifically designed to elevate comfort while you're on the road, after just one use this is bound to become one of your very favorites.

Allow us to introduce you to The Cozy Car, a brand new product that is guaranteed to provide you the support you need to have the best driving experience. Easy to install and extremely soft, this thing makes driving 10x more relaxing.

Instead of straining your neck with those poorly made head rests, the Cozy Car keeps you upright and in a healthy position the entire time you're in the car. And since it's stuffed with premium quality memory foam, it truly feels like you're lying on a cloud.

Proven to correct posture, optimize health, and relieve stress, the Cozy Car is certainly one of the more remarkable product available today.

The Cozy Car is also made up of the finest quality fabrics and materials, ensuring you a wonderfully helpful product that is built to last. Once you receive your order you'll immediately notice its smooth buttery fibers and supreme construction.

You also have the option to choose from a wide variety of bright and vibrant colors so that you can pick the perfect model for you. Grab the one that goes best with your car and go out comfortably but in style!

If you're looking to kill two birds with one stone and improve both your driving experience and your health, this is totally what you need.

Once you receive your CarComfort, you’ll notice these

  • An extraordinarily innovative accessory that is guaranteed to boost every single car ride. Made with thick plush materials, the Cozy Car provides you with levels of comfort and support that is truly unmatched.
  • Super easy to install, the Cozy Car certainly convenient. Simply clip the straps and you're all set to ride in style.
  • Equipped with premium quality memory foam, after just one use you'll instantly feel the material begin to wrap and conform to your body, creating a perfect cloud-like feel.

Product specification:

  • Material: Synthetic Fiber
  • Inner Filler:Space memory fabric
  • Dimension: 27 x 22 x 12 cm
  • Compatibility: Universal



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Very soft and comfy

I have a new mazda cx-9 and the headrest is the worst possible angle protruding forward - this soft neck piece fits at the top of the seat and bottom of the headrest creating a very plush and comfortable support. I'm really happy I gave this a try and ordered a 2nd one for the passenger side

Great for people with neck issues !

This is amazing for anyone with neck disk issues, i have two and this is the softest, most supportive product ! I had always said i should make one myself and then found this one. I ordered a second one for my computer desk chair !

Great pillow for traveling. Perfect neck support.

We just drove from Oregon to California, and these little pillows made all the difference in the comfort of our headrests. The pillow fits right in the base of the neck, supporting it with the memory foam. The pillow can be turned and adjusted to help tilt the head back also.I highly recommend this pillow that eases neck tension when making long drives.

Great Product !

I have a lot of neck and shoulder issues. I sometimes have to move it around on the headrest a little, but when I get it just right it relieves a lot of
my pain. I highly recommend it. I have tried many such items and this makes the top three. I do not think you can go wrong with this. I am ordering another one so I don't have to switch them from car to car.

cradles your neck... depending on your height, probably

Anyone with bulging/herniated disks in their neck should check this out - cars are SO uncomfortable and seem to try and kill your back. Why is there a big space where your neck goes, then the headrest curves toward you - this can't be comfortable even for uninjured people! Anyway, I put this in my car, and I just lay back against the seat and have my neck cradled. I'm 5'4 and it sits just about perfect for me. I use this and a small pillow where the seat back and seat cushion meet to support my lower back, and between the two it takes care of most of the discomfort and pain from driving.

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