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AutoCare™ - Super Hydrophobic Anti-Scratch Glass Coating For Vehicles!

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"Recently purchased this after reading a ton of excellent reviews and I must say that so far it has completely lived up to my expectations. It really works as described and I have pretty much drowned my car, bike, scooter, and grill with this stuff. Not only are they all now squeaky clean, but they're also protected from any scuffs or damages. So far, I have no complaints. If you're looking for something like this that actually works, I'd definitely recommend you buy this immediately."
- Raymond Garth
Winnett, MT

Grab your Discounted AutoCare™ - Super Hydrophobic Anti-Scratch Glass Coating For Vehicles while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 300 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $84.95 USD.

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Don't miss out on this remarkable product that everyone is talking about! Specifically designed to make your precious car, truck, or van impervious to any damages.

Allow us to introduce you to AutoCare, a brand new solution that you can rub on your vehicle and instantly transform it into into something that is both completely scratch AND water resistant.

Once you receive your order, you'll instantly find the AutoCare formulation along with a premium quality cloth and plush sponge so that you can get to coating your car. And after you've successfully coated your vehicle, you immediately notice the incredible barrier that AutoCare provides.

Not only does it instantly enhance the durability of your car, but it also acts as a spectacular professional-looking polish, making your car look shiny, bright, and brand new.

This new slick barrier forces water, mud, dirt – pretty much any liquid off of the surface of your car. That means when you hit a puddle and get splashed on your windshield, the water will quickly slide right off, giving you a crystal clear view.

Repel liquid, resist scratches and abrasions, all while having that nicely buffered sheen that is so hard to come by.

Why settle for anything less? Grab a bottle of AutoCare now and reap the marvelous rewards the moment it reaches your doorstep!

Once you receive your AutoCare, you’ll notice these

  • And extraordinarily innovative substance that is guaranteed to transform anything into something shiny, polished, and completely shatter and water resistant. It's fabulous formulation allows you to effectively coat anything you please, instantly protecting it from damage.

  • Thanks to its additional ingredients, you can also apply AutoCare onto your glass windows to make them completely liquid repellent too!

  • Coming with an additional cloth and sponge, you can immediately get to work the moment you take it out of the box. And with it's easy-to-follow instructions, there's truly nothing standing in your way.

  • Specifically designed to dry quickly, one even coat can easily last up to 5 years of protection! Rub this onto your car and other valuables to make them impervious to any harm.


  • Type: H
  • Hardness: 9H
  • Coating thickness: 30um
  • Gloss: High gloss effect
  • Anti-corrosion: PH Tolerance PH2-12
  • Heat resistance: Up to 76 degrees
  • Crystallization concentration: 62%
  • Consumption: 30ML (Can be used for a large SUV)

How to use

  1. Please shake before use.
  2. Wrap the cloth over coating sponge.
  3. Put DPro on the cloth
  4. Spread the liquid into the car.
  5. Use towel to wipe and polish.

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