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#1 Tactical Military-Grade LED Flashlight

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"Best flashlight I've ever owned! This light will put the spotlight on anything you aim it at!! It's soooo bright! Super handy with five light modes including strobe and SOS incase you're ever trouble. The middle pulls apart easily for quick adjustment of the zoom. It's waterproof so I can use it in the rain on my hiking trips and for this much power I can't believe how small it is! You can take it anywhere! I got me two!"
- Brett Heinemann
Billings, Montana

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Are you a frequent hiker or camper, or simply someone who’s interested in self-defense and survival tools?

Have you been looking for an ultra powerful and super efficient military grade flashlight?

If so, this high-powered LED tactical flashlight might be the perfect option for you.

Guaranteed to provide you with extraordinarily powerful lights, a long lasting battery, and a rock hard edge for when it’s time to get rough, this flashlight is an essential tool for anyone who likes to play it safe.

Unlike most flashlights, this one is incredibly versatile.

And with 5 different superb modes to choose from, you have something that is not only practical but also multifunctional.

With this, you have everything you need to tackle every obstacle.

To make things even better, this flashlight is completely adjustable and actually somewhat telescope-like.

When the time is right, push the barrel forward for a narrower, stronger, and more precise beam of light.

And when you need more range, simply pull it back to immediately illuminate a wider surface area.

Use the narrow light to quickly peak into cars and holes. And blast the larger light when its time to peer into caves or open fields.

This flashlight is also packed with waterproof properties, making it impervious to the rain, sleet, or snow.

And thanks to its sleek and compact design, you can carry this immaculate, life-saving device with you at all times.

Grab your own today and give yourself 100,000 hours of premium quality lights in the palm of your hands.

Once you receive your flashlight, you’ll notice these

  • Over 100,000 hours of the brightest and most radiant LED light on the market today. Add this into your survival kit and finally have the ability to keep your loved ones safe from harm.

  • Powerful enough to light up an entire room yet precise enough to focus and zoom in on specific areas more than 500m away.

  • With 5 different modes to choose from (High, Medium, Low, SOS, Strobe) you have an incredibly versatile device that is bound to come in handy.

  • Specifically designed to be compact enough to carry with ease and comfortable enough so that it fits nicely in your hands. The rough Anti-Slip pattern on the handle makes it easier to hold on tight.

  • Waterproof design allows you to use this in all terrain and in a variety of different weather conditions. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Don't be without this flashlight! Remarkable performance, value and price.

This is an excellent buy! This deceptively small flashlight is very bright and puts out enough lumens to cut through even moderately foggy atmosphere. Plus, you get all the necessary attachments to have it just the way you want it: The flashlight can be recharged, or the rechargeable battery can be swapped out for a battery pack that holds 3 AA batteries; a car lighter charge cord is included as well. This whole kit costs less than the flashlight sold separately (and buying even the single flashlight on Amazon beats the price for this same item at local hardware stores). Even if you think you already have enough, this is worth having for backup. We live on an island that experiences frequent winter blackouts during windstorms, and this flashlight has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. Of all the flashlights in our home, we wouldn't be without it. In fact, we plan to purchase another.

No Better Light for the Money

As anyone can imagine, after spending nearly 40 years in law enforcement, investigations and firearms instruction, I've been through just about every hand-held, rifle and handgun rail mounted light developed. Like many, I've "grown up" with the illumination industry. I must say, for the price the LumiTact flashlight is one of the best multi-purpose flashlights made. It's not only durable and diversely functional but vital for those whose lives could depend on a flashlight.

Amazing flashlight. I walk my dog at night and ...

Amazing flashlight. I walk my dog at night and I have yet to find another flash light that can top this one. The range is outstanding to any and all flashlights I have used over the years. Don't waste your money on any other flashlight - this is the Best!


Excellent light, a bit heavier than I thought but very durable. A complete kit for the price.

Happy customer

I purchased this as a gift, and from my understanding the recipient was very pleased with it.

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