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Dial Glasses™ - Adjustable Dial Eye Glasses!

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"These glasses are nothing short of amazing. I am farsighted, and have 3 lenses in a pair of glasses that is now broken. Because the price of glasses is now so high. I have not been able to afford to have the glasses repaired. So this one pair of glasses, that's adjustable, is helping me to see everything, more clearly than I have been able to see in almost 12 years. They are an excellent value for the price. Highly recommended."
- Alexander P. Whitten
Colorado Springs, CO

Grab your Discounted Dial Glasses™ - Adjustable Dial Eye Glasses! while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 5000 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $79.95 USD.

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Do you wear glasses?

How often do you get a new pair?

How about a new prescription?

Everyone agrees that having to go and get new prescriptions year after year can be exhausting and incredibly annoying.

The bills and expenses just start to pile up until you look up and realize you’ve spent thousands of dollars in just a few years on GLASSES.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to toss your money down the drain.

You’ve been flushing your hard earned cash right down the toilet but you don’t have to anymore...

With these brand new Dial Glasses, you can stop right now and start saving fast.

These are no ordinary glasses, they are built extremely well and with the finest and most durable materials that there are but they also have a pretty incredible feature.

These glasses here are 100% adjustable.

Yes, once you put a pair of these on your face you can then spin the dial on the side to increase and decrease their strength until they’re perfect for you.

Another amazing thing about them is that you can adjust each independent lens to your preference.

If you’re someone like me who has 1 weaker eye, all you have to do is spin that dial a little more to increase the strength of that specific lens until your vision is crystal clear.

The science behind this incredible technology is fascinating:

When you turn that dial, you’re actually shifting many different thin layers of magnifying glass, which when re-positioned, amplify both the strength and clarity of your vision.

This is an extraordinary discovery that is guaranteed to not only improve your vision but help keep your wallet fat as well.

Once you receive your Dial Eye Glasses, you’ll notice these

  • The only pair of glasses that allow you to customize the strength of each individual lens. With these, you can really get that perfect and unique prescription you've always wanted.

  • The incredible sliding lens technology, designed by Oxford Scientists, will allow you to amplify your vision whenever you feel like it's necessary. You will never need to buy a new prescription again, just spin the dial!

  • The frame is extraordinarily durable and can withstand even the roughest and rugged handling. No more worry about fragile frames cracking or bending!

  • You have the amazing opportunity to switch from long distance to reading glasses in no time at all. Instead of carrying around 2 pairs of glasses, you can just have this one with you at all times and be completely fine. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Work for me!

These are very helpful if you have any kind of changing vision issues. You do need to keep them away from dust as I can't figure out how to clean between the 2 lenses. They really help when working on small objects up close but need just a bit more distance vision to read instructions, for instance. Also, they were very helpful for driving when my vision was getting worse before I was ready for new glasses/contacts.

Great Value!!!!!

I scratched my cornea and was unable to wear my contacts and my flexon glasses have been broke and unfixable. I saw the commercial on TV a while back for these and found them Amazon so I got a pair. Needless to say I was skeptical yet hopeful I could get a quick fix while waiting for a new pair of prescription glasses to be delivered. Wow, am I impressed! Out of the box and dialed in in less than a minute. I could see as good or better than any pair of glasses I have ever had. No lies. And I have been requiring corrected vision for distance for over 30 years now. My vision is pretty bad.
This is an incredible value. I'm still surprised.

by the way) have been pretty much the same

All the glasses I've bought here (many, by the way) have been pretty much the same, no matter the seller. They are extremely useful and easy to adjust. I've even received compliments on them and I always ask something to the effect of "Are you saying that just to be nice?" or something equally stoopid. Because I don't think they're particularly attractive -- that's not why I bought them. But it seems some folks, apparently, are taken with the look of them. Well, bless 'em!

By the way, if you need to use the glasses a lot, make sure you've read the directions that come with every pair. And it's fun, I find, to adjust the lenses afresh whenever you have the impulse. One's vision (I find) can change throughout the day and over time. These aren't intended for long-term wear, I assume, but to each his/her own . . . .

have improved my quality of life

i wear these at the theater as well as watching tv .even typing on the keyboard(i can now make out the letters) .i am legally blind and they really help alot . they do get some glare , but well worth the trade off for sure . plus they are dirt cheap. they really have improved my quality of life .

try it for reading and for distance it's working perfect. but not good for driving

I try it for reading and for distance it's working perfect. but not good for driving.
even I got it 4 days before time. thanks for fast delivery .

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